Be led by your dreams. Not by your problems. – Roy Williams

21 years ago I decided to take up golf. Many of the people I wanted to hang out with were playing, and I thought I would give it a try.  A friend of mine let me borrow an old set of clubs and even gave me a few lessons.  I late upgraded my clubs but not my game. I learned quickly that playing with others came with a risk; namely, taking their free and often unsolicited advice on the course. 

Believe me,  I was confused and become frustrated beyond belief.  Two things happened though that helped me. I read Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, and I decided to take lessons from a coach.  I had to unlearn some bad habits. Yet, to this day, those lessons have helped me enjoy the game with less frustration and more confidence. 

Trying new approaches can bring its own risks and rewards.  I had the dream of playing golf, and in spite of the problems, I kept at it and collaborated with someone  to help guide and direct me.  The coach couldn’t play for me. He didn’t try to mold me into his image. He used the skills I had and worked with me to help me meet my goals.

Health coaching can be the same for you.  Maybe you have a dream or a vision for your health that has been play over in your mind for a long time.  Maybe you have tried several different approaches had some small success, but it doesn’t have staying power.  Maybe you have come to a crossroads with your health and want to make the second half of life better.  

As certified health coaches, our goal is not to make you into our image or dump a pre-made plan into your lap and wish you the best. Heaven knows I still have my hang-ups and would not want that to be willed to anyone.  Yes, I occasionally lift up my head when I play golf and don’t follow through!  

The working definition from Dr Sear’s Wellness Institute states:

A Certified Health Coach helps others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued  motivation. 

In the course of our work together you will receive our commitment of:

  • Unconditional positive regard
  • A belief in your capacity for change 
  • Honoring you as an expert on your own life
  • Engaging in respectful and non-judgmental interactions

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