At the Threshold

When I was 9 years old, I had a painful bicycle crash. Riding with a childhood friend, I decided to take the more daring approach by riding down the gravel strewn hill standing up on my pedals. 

I remember waking up at the bottom of the hill.

The next stop was the ER.  

Having the attendants scrub exposed skin, then picking rocks and concrete out of your wounds is not a pleasant experience. As a result, I have 3 scars that serve as a reminder.  

I still ride. 

I’ve have had a few wrecks along the way, and I still enjoy the pleasure cycling affords me.

We all are faced with decisions.  

Like the cycling incident, I had to decide if I wanted to ride or retire.  I choose to ride. 

I had to push through some uncomfortable feelings.  

Even today, going down a hill can trigger some kid fears.  

I breathe, trust myself, and continue.  

When was the last time you had to make a choice about moving forward or staying where you are?  

Crossing a Threshold

A threshold is about transition. 

We have all crossed over from one state to another in our life: single to married, college to career, addiction to sobriety, etc.

What is holding you back from crossing the threshold with your health? 

Maybe you have been contemplating a change in your lifestyle for some time.  

Maybe you have received an unexpected diagnosis or another change in your health that is creating a moment of pause and reflection.  

Maybe you are wondering what the next 30 years will bring and the way you are feeling now is not giving you an optimistic outlook. 

Crossing from contemplation to action is an important step in the right direction where:

  • – Your pros out weigh your cons
  • – You’re considering others in the process
  • – You’re increasing your awareness
  • – You’re gathering information
  • – You’re envisioning an image of your better self
  • – You’re committing your time 

Are you ready to cross a threshold in your life?

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