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Hi! We’re Dwain & Laura Sliger – we know first hand that life can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start making changes when you’re stressed and locked into the cycle of over-eating or over-drinking to cope. We work individually to help you halt the guilt and shame cycle and help you become friends with mind, body, and life!

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If you’re ready to overcome your vicious cycle of misusing food or alcohol we will help you to break through the beliefs and stress that drive you. We offer solution focused options that help you gain awareness, insight, and control and get back to a life you love!

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Why kindness could be keeping those extra pounds on you

Kindness and generosity are values that many of us strive to cultivate more of within ourselves. Our society benefits greatly through acts that are driven by these values.  But can these values cross the line for you and get in the way of kindness and wellbeing for...

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What Everybody Should Know About Stress

Have you ever had your check engine light come on in your car?  When you see that glowing light, immediately you know something needs attention.  How often are you out of touch with your own body's warning signs though?  If you are experiencing anxiety or you are...

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3 Ways Your Comfort Food May Be Causing You Discomfort

Yesterday was Easter.  As with most holidays and special occasions in our family, they are accompanied by gatherings.  At these gatherings there definitely has come to be the traditional foods, that we in our family, have determined need to be there almost every...

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“Meeting with Laura has helped me see things from a different perspective. She is an amazing listener and truly makes me feel heard and valued. She has challenged me to believe the best about myself and to affirm the good things that I see in myself. My weeks with her have been invaluable!!”

Kathy F.